Küsi pakkumist


If you are looking for a adventurous trip, then you are exactly in a right place! Turja Tour has brought their travellers to the mountains already for years. In summer and also in winter! Most of our trips will bring you to Europe, but we have also been in Africa!

In the summer we organize adventurous travels and also culture travels, in wintertime we make skiing trips and snowboard trips.

We always travel by bus, because travelling „on the wheels“ you will get the right feeling of how far are you really going!

First there was Saaremaa Hiking Club, who brought hikers to the far Russian mountains already during the Soviet Union times. Saaremaa Hiking Club tried to continue this tradition when Estonia got independent, but the amount of people who wanted to come with us started to grow too big. Also the amount of destinations increased. That is why in 2004 Turja Tour was born!

Our principal is: If you book your travel sooner, you will pay less! So, if you already know where and when you want to go, book now! You can read more about the benefits from here and look at the actual prices in our travel calendar.

We are ready to take you towards to your new adventures!