If you are looking for a adventurous trip, then you are exactly in a right place! Turja Tour has brought their travellers to the mountains already for years. In summer and also in winter! Most of our trips will bring you to Europe, but we have also been in Africa!

In the summer we organize adventurous travels and also culture travels, in wintertime we make skiing trips and snowboard trips.

We always travel by bus, because travelling „on the wheels“ you will get the right feeling of how far are you really going!

First there was Saaremaa Hiking Club, who brought hikers to the far Russian mountains already during the Soviet Union times. Saaremaa Hiking Club tried to continue this tradition when Estonia got independent, but the amount of people who wanted to come with us started to grow too big. Also the amount of destinations increased. That is why in 2004 Turja Tour was born!

Our principal is: If you book your travel sooner, you will pay less! So, if you already know where and when you want to go, book now! You can read more about the benefits from here and look at the actual prices in our travel calendar.

We are ready to take you towards to your new adventures!

To come to travel with us, you need to register! There are several possibilities to do that!

  1. Go to the travel calendar. Choose the trip you like, click on it and choose: Book a trip! Fill in the form and if there are still free places a bill and a travel contract will be sent to you!
    Every passenger should be registered separately!
    Paying is possible all together or by parts according to a schedule of payments, which you can make yourself (recommended one payment every month). Of course you can agree convenient schedule of payment by email: or by phone: +37253439199.
  2. You can also register just by sending an email: Just tell which trip you want and how many places do you need.
    The further process will be like described in point number 1.
  3. Of course you can book a place by phone: +37253439199

TURJA TOUR makes several discounted prices to our current and new clients.

5% discount of current price for loyal customers!

On most trips there are smaller prices for children!

Special prices for groups! Ask for additional information!


Travel agency TURJA TOUR has decided to give a better price to the clients that decide early to travel with us. Current discounted prices you can see in our travel calendar.

Parties and gifts

Every autumn there is a season end party organized by Turja Tour where gift vouchers are drawn. Everybody who comes to the party will participate. There are 13 vouchers: 1×200, 1×100, 1×50, 5×30 ja 5×15 eur.

Every 10th trip at half price! If you have travelled with Turja Tour 9 times, then you will get the 10th trip at half price (half price from the full price)! Only travels which have lasted at least 8 days will be counted. You can’t change the trip for money and you can’t give it to someone else as a present. The opportunity must be used within 2 years starting from 1st of january following year.

  1. You will have from us the tents, sleeping mats and a warm food twice a day (simple food for hikers).
  2. We offer to take part of easy hikes and to see the sightseeings of every country according to the travel description.
  3. Additionally a good company which will form thanks to our common camp with tents and food making.
  4. Hiking is voluntary during our trips. Who doesn’t want to travel, can rest, make a easy hike or see some sighteeing by him/herself.
  5. For every hike you will have general description and advisory opinions.
  6. The sitting places in bus will be drawn, so that last people who come to the bus won’t get the places which others didn’t want.
  7. You can join our trips in Tallinn, Pärnu, Kuressaare or somewhere else according to the specific travel and agreements made with Turja Tour team.
  8. The price of our trip is final, it includes everything except sightseeings and other entertainments during the trip. What is included in price and what is not you can see in specific travel description.
  9. Accommodations are generally noted in travel descriptions. They can change because of reasons that don’t depend on us as the trip is running on „wheels“.
  10. At the latest 2 weeks before travel we will send to everyone travel instruction (departure times, approximate prices of sightseeings, the list of things which everyone should bring etc).
  11. We also visit places where you might not happen with usual travels (plateaus, mountin summits, deserts, villages etc). Ask for additional information!